Legalization of Marijuana

The second big thing going on in the world right now is the legalization of the drug Marijuana, Which is also another thing I don’t think B.C is ready for. Some things would be good like the government taxing it and making money off it, might help put more money in education and medical departments. But I don’t think it will put a stop to the crime, I believe the crime rate would increase because the people selling the drugs are not going to go out and just get an 8 hour job. Which means they have to get their money from somewhere, so they will either steal or lower their prices to continue selling marijuana and if that does not work then they will move on to selling a higher drug. Why legalize something that is already everywhere people have access if needed for medical problems, and if needed just for fun people find it and buy it. I like it being private and hidden once it is open it will be everywhere people will smoke it on the street and in school parking lots, kids that may never smoke drugs will now try drugs just because it will be so public. I am not saying that drugs are not in school, but when I was in school it was way easier to find a cigarette then it was to buy marijuana because cigarettes are legal and you can walk into any store to buy them. Maybe I am wrong maybe it will bring good but all I am saying is the government needs to think about what he is doing and not just legalize something because people voted for him to be government because he said he would legal drugs! If he does not think about all the pros and cons before taking this step and it goes down a bad path, he can never go back once its legal there is no turning back.

Cheers, Roxy Word


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