Minimum Wage Increase

This is a topic that I care deeply about, but I do not agree with such a big increase like $15.00. I understand that over the months that rent and food prices have increased, and they always will increase as the years go by. But if we increase the wage to $15 the prices will increase too much at one time, $15 from $10.45 is way to big of a jump. How can employers pay rent and taxes and then all their staff $15 hourly, they will lose money which in the end will increase prices to keep the doors open. In the long run company’s with like 20 employees will not be able to pay all $15 an hour so it will create more unemployment and layoffs. I believe because B.C. has the lowest pay rate that it is time for a minimum wage increase, but I do not believe we should do it so fast we have to take baby steps and make sure the business and company’s are ready and capable to pay their staff or the long-term result will not be a perfect outcome.

Cheer, Roxy Word











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